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CEJAR and his technical secrets

works of 80's - baudot collection

Galerie d'Art du Domaine de Rombeau (Rivesaltes)
6th december 2018 - 6th february 2019

Expo Cejar

La Galerie (Art contemporain), Talant, Porte de Dijon, FRANCE.
20th november - 15th december 2018

Expo Jean Mathiaut

The Baudot's collection exhibit

Centre d'Art Helio Oiticica

1st september to 20th october 2018

Expo Rio




1780, James WATT invented the first "Copying Machine".

1876, Thomas EDISON invented the "Mimeograph".

1938, Chester Carlson (US) invented the first electric copier and named it "Xerox".


28 manifestations in 7 countries : in France (ORLAN at galerie Ceysson et Bénetière, Joël Hubaut at galerie Lara Vincy, Jean Mathiaut, Wolfgang Tillman, Cejar, etc ), in USA (Pati Hill, Lyman Allyn Art Museum CT, Whitney Museum NYC, Cepa Gallery - Buffalo NY etc), in Italia (Pierluigi Vannozzi - Bologna), Brasil ( Baudot's collection at Rio), Canada (Jacques Charbonneau in Montreal), Spain (MIDE: Museo Internacional De Electrografia à Cuenca) and Austria (Peter Huemer), Netherlands (Lieve Prins).

List of events in chrnological order :

  • Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, CT, USA November
    4th, 2017 - March 4th ,2018
    Curated by Richard Torchia, Director of Arcadia University Art Gallery

  • The Whitney Museum, New York City, USA. 
    November 17, 2017 - March 25, 2018
    EXPERIMENTS IN ELECTROSTATICS : PHOTOCOPY ART from the Whitney’s collection.1966-1986.


  • Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea di Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna, ITALIA.
    20 - 30 mars 2018 
    EDGES OF ILLUSION Personnal exhibit of Pierluigi Vannozzi.

    Introduced by Beatriz Escribano Belmar - co-director MIDECIANT, Museo Internacional De Electrografia, Cuenca, Spain.


  • Médiathèque Albert Camus, Évry, Paris Sud, FRANCE.
    april 3 - mai 2 2018
    KARTON SONATE ScanArt & photographies de Lieve Prins et Sami Trabelsi
    This very original large format exhibition will soon be reinstalled in the center of Paris -

  • Carré d’Art-Musée d’Art contemporain, Nîmes, FRANCE. 
    mai 4 - 16 september 2018
    Before he was a photographer, this artist worked with the photocopier at the first exhibition of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in paris in October 2014. "He refers to the photocopier as his way of getting into photography... attracted by the texture effects and the way a single sheet can mechanically turn into a meaningful object."

  • Jägerstätter church, Bad Ischl, AUSTRIA
    mai 21 - 30 2018
    MIXED MEDIA / CHURCH AND ART Personnal exhibit and installation from Peter HUEMER, in church which contains the relics of Jäggerstätter. La photo de l'installation est surprenante. 


  • La Chic Galerie d’Art des Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, Québec, CANADA.
    July 29  - August 25 2018
    ANTHROPIE, works made by Jacques Charbonneau from the analog process of the xerox 6500 and thermonumerical process of the Sharp CX5000 (1982-2018). Jacques Charbonneau is also the founder of "Center Copie Art" Montreal in 1982.


  • Centre d’Art Helio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro, BRÉSIL. 
    September 1 - October 20 2018
    With the patronage of Rio de Janeiro Préfeitura and French consulate.
    Curator : Alexandre Murucci, Founder and Director of Contemporary Art ARTIGO Rio.
    A selection of 135 art works from 102 artists. To see the press book, click here

    French Jean-Claude Baudot, under the guidance of Christian Rigal, from 1979 to 1992, assembled a museum quality collection composed of 1600, for the most part, major works from approximately 400 artists worlwide. He is responsible for initiating the celebration and assembling the exhibitions and events commemorating the 80tieth anniversary of the invention of the photocopier. He also creates the event of artistic performance with James Watt copier (1780).,

  • Gallery Essex Street, Manhattan, New-York, USA
    September 8 – October 21 2018
    PATI HILL « How Something Can Have Been At Once Time And One Place And Nowhere Else Ever Again »
    Blanck&white arts works. First exhibition in New-York since the 70ties.


  • CEPA Gallery (Contemporary Photography and Visual Arts Center), Buffalo, NY, USA. September
    14th - December 15th 2018
    FAST, CHEAP & EASY, THE COPY ART RÉVOLUTION retrospective from the 60ties to early 2000s. 
    Leading curator Robert Hirsh, Tom Carpenter, Kitty Hubbard, and Klaus Urbons who established the Museum fur FOTOKOPIE ART in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany.


  • Another exhibition ARTBOOKS at the same dates : Western New York Book Art Center


  • Galerie Lara Vincy, 47 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris. FRANCE
    September 20 - November 24 2018
    Personal exhibition of Joël Hubaut, copyartiste and mailartiste active since 1975/76, then unclassifiable (epidemik…aesthetic of disappearance etc.). He exhibited a Copy-Art-Sculpture: a great bear «mal léché» (unlicked cub) that waved a panel with on the front and back the originals of 2 photocopies of collages that «explain who he is».


  • El Mundo 26, Valencia, ESPAGNE.
    Octobre 5 - Novembre 8 2018
    Antonio Minerba

    A tribute to poetry and song. “...dialogue between the word,the material and the bruthstroke… »

  • MIDE, Museo Internacional De Electrografia, campus Université de Cuenca, ESPAGNE.
    Octobre the 17th 2018
    NEW COLLECTIONS Donations of Toni Ibirico, Cesar Réglero, Valdon.
    Direction José Ramon Alcala and Béatriz Escribano

  • Galerie Ceysson & Bénetiére, 23 rue du Renard, 75004 Paris. FRANCE.                                                                                      October 18 - December 8 2018
    ORLAN before ORLAN
    ORLAN is a pioneer. From 1976 to 1980, she directed many remarkable Copy Art works: photocopies/pastel or tube drawings and mixed collages on white cardboard in large format (70 X 100 cm on average). “...these are the first examples of appropriation of her body and her own framing methods...”. 37 pages are devoted to them in the exhibition catalogue. The gallery also features part of its series of “Geometric Paintings”.


  • WORLD SCOOP Musée des Arts Forains, 10 rue Lheureux, 75012 Paris. FRANCE.
    November the 6th 2018, 9h15 - 17h15
    LE COPY ART à la James WATT – Art performance
    The centerpiece is an authenticated, restored and functionning version of the FIRST "copying machine" invented by James Watt in 1780. For the first time in the world, artist will be invited to participate in Paris in an ART PERFORMANCE OF COPY ART, using this eighteenth century copier in front of the press, UNESCO and personalities.
    It's a first worldwide! More than 100 artistes : ORLAN, David Peter Brooks, Joel Hubaut, Philippe Cazal, Jacques Seguela etc.

    Jean-Claude Baudot
    Press :


  • Around November the 6th, à Paris et proche banlieue, plusieurs visites d’ateliers de pionniers du COPY ART sont prévues.

  • Theatre SPAN.T, Bussum PAYS-BAS.
    On appointment

    Exhibition of 16 artworks of very large size by Lieve PRINS


  • Galleria B4, Bologna, ITALIE.
    November 3 -16 2018
    Curator Pierluigi Vannozzi was one of the original members of the group. Remounting the show is planned for this famous collective exhibition from 1984 with works notably of the pioneer/theorist Bruno Munari (co-author of the catalog), Pati Hill, Joseph Kadar, Gianni Castagnoli, Piermario Ciani, Jean Teulé etc.


  • La Galerie (Art contemporain), à Talant, Porte de Dijon, FRANCE.
    November 20 - December 15 2018.
    ELECTRONUMERIC GENERATIONS by Jean Mathiaut form a generative process that began in 1983 on analog copier and evolved through 2018 after making a transition to digital machines. A workshop for children is planned for three days. Jean Mathiaut is a visual artist and author-publisher of books and films dedicated to Copy Art through his association "Media Nova" in the 8às and 90s.


  • Makroscope, Friedrich Ebert Straße 48, 45468 Mülheim
    Opening Novembre 29 à 19h
    PUSH AND GO – about the playful interaction with a photocopying machine
    Rosy Beyelschmidt, Marion Bosen, James Durand, Daria Huddy, Karl Hermann Moller, Jurgen O.Olbrich, Jean-Francois Robic, The Rapid Publisher, Klaus Urbons and more.
    Curator Mari Lena Rapprich
    – Shiny Toys Festival/
    – Facebook /


  • Galerie d’Art du domaine de Rombeau, Rivesaltes, FRANCE. 
    Decembre 6 2018 - February 6 2019
    TRIBUTE TO CHRISTIAN RIGAL aka CEJAR.  and also works created for the event he hosted at the Centre Pompidou in Paris from March 26 - 31,1986 : PHOTOCOPIER IS NOT COPYING. At the height of his fame in the early 90ties, this Copy Art theorician, curator and renowned artist, suddenly left Paris without leaving an address. "That is why" says Jean-Claude Baudot, "we pay tribute to him and launch a NOTICE OF RESEARCH". 
    ContactJean-Claude Baudot + 33 (0)6 15 87 07 05

-    etc.
English contact : Judith Cushman :
French contact : Jean-Claude Baudot :

For more detailed information, contact the curators and/or the exhibition web site directly.

Liste manifestations

An exhition on XEROX AND COPY ART with artist works from 1968 to 2016

SOCIÉTÉ - Brussels

Du 7 septembre 2016 au 13 novembre 2016

Société ( a comme objectif de resituer les arts électroniques dans un monde de l'art toujours marqué par les ‘ismes’ du siècle dernier. Après toutes ces appellations -dont certaines sont très datées comme ‘art par ordinateur’, ’nouveaux médias’, "art logiciel" ou ‘web art’- l'arrivée récente du préfixe ‘post’ devant numérique pour qualifier les arts électroniques souligne la nécessité de se préoccuper de thèmes artistiques plutôt que des technologiques et de se recentrer sur ce qui rend ces pratiques vraiment uniques, soit leur esthétique.


Pour cette exposition XEROX, Société revient au monde analogue du Copy art, pour voir se confronter l’espace d’exposition bi-dimensionnel de l’imprimé avec l’espace tri-dimensionnel de lieu d’exposition. Des installations poétiques de Steven Pippin constituées de copieurs et de scanners, des machines entropiques de LAb[au], des flux d’informations sonores codées de Carsten Nicolai, aux rouleaux de résidus de Tiago Duarte, des colonnes ordonnées d’Hanne Darboven, à l’installation sculpturale d’une secrétariat dédié à l’art par fax de Dieudonné Cartier, … tous les projets participent à cet univers de l’encre et du papier.


L’intention est de réunir ici un ensemble d’œuvres dont la diversité des médiums développés par l’entreprise Xerox et son laboratoire, basés sur la reproductibilité technique et la multiplication, a pu générer une culture emblématique de la pratique très libre du ‘copy-past’, portée par des auteurs-éditeur. Expérimenté par des mouvements contestataires via le fanzin et artistiques avec le Copy art, à l'image du ‘Xerox Book’, ce medium a permis l'émergence de nouveaux formats, comme l'exposition en tant que catalogue reproductible, l’exploration de pensées conceptuelles et de nouvelles formes d'expression et surtout de diffusions plus accessibles. La photocopie a permis de créer une esthétique de l’analogue caractéristique, qui a su transgresser le médium lui-même, via un travail sur l’empreinte et l’effacement, avec ses défauts et sa texture granuleuse. Alors que l’ordinateur a été créé pour réduire l’entropie, certains artistes cherchent aujourd’hui à retrouver cette granularité à travers une pratique digitale, dans un monde d’hyper perfection, désaceptisé et toujours plus glossy. Ici nous nous penchons sur cette esthétique vivante et chaleureuse, avec des artistes en quête de porosité, du grain, souvent fascinés par une recherche conceptuelle et poétique sur les processus liés à la trace et à la perte, à une époque où le ‘copy-past’ est totalement intégré à notre quotidien informatique et multimedia.

A Constructed World, Xavier Antin, Jérémie Boyard, Dieudonné Cartier, Cejar, Michiel Ceulers,  Claude Closky, Continuous Project (Bettina Funcke, Wade Guyton, Joseph Logan and Seth Price), François Curlet, Aljosa Daumerie, Hanne Darboven, Alessandro de Francesco, Denicolai & Provoost, Tiago Duarte, gerlach en koop, Pati Hill, Hudinilson Jr, Nicholas Knight, LAb[au], Jean Mathiaut, Jonathan Monk, Carsten Nicolai, Alexandre Perigot, Steven Pippin, Peter Scott, Yann Sérandour, Sonia Sheridan, Eric Stephany, Joseph Strau, Christophe Terlinden, Richard Torchia, Michael Van den Abeele, Gil J. Wolman.

With book exhibitions:

-Xerox Book, 1968, by Seth Siegelaub with Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner.

-January 5-31, 1969, 1969, by Seth Siegelaub with Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Lawrence Weiner.

-Working Drawings And Other Visible Things On Paper Not Necessarily Meant To Be Viewed As Art, 2008, by Michalis Pichler with AA Bronson, Mel Bochner, Inaki, Marcel Broodthaers, Heath Bunting, Alice Creischer, Brad Downey, Ellen Harvey, Kenneth Goldsmith, Burkhard Holdorff, Deborah Kelly, Akim Nguyen, Douglas Huebler, Sol LeWitt, Edgar Orlaineta, Michalis Pichlers, Peter Piller, Adrian Piper, Johannes Raether, Allen Ruppersberg, Stefan Schuster, Andreas Siekmannn, Evgenia Tsalagrada, Haegue Yang, Adam Zaretsky.

-April 21-24, 2016, 2016, by Bureau des Réalités with Rosa Aiello, Marianne Berenhaut, Erwan Mahéo, Juan Pablo Plazas, Meggy Rustamova, Benjamin Seror, Zin Taylor.


With participation of Anima Ludens, Brussels - Bureau des Réalités,  Brussels - Collection FMRA, CNEAI, Chatou - Collection Jean-Claude Baudot, Paris - MOREpublishers - Brussels.


Curated by Société in collaboration with Gregory Lang - Solang Production Paris Brussels.



07.09 - 13.11.2016

Brunch opening on Sunday 11.09 _ 12 am – 6 pm

Exhibition hours: Thu-Fri 5-9 pm - Sat-Sun 3-7 pm



106 rue Vanderstichelen straat 106

1080 Brussels, Belgium

Contact: els(at) +32 (0)2 219 65 55


Part of the official program of the Brussels Gallery Weekend as a guest venue: Fri-Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

‘Every year Brussels Gallery Weekend also puts a spotlight on some of the outstanding non-profit, institutional, artist run spaces and private collections that contribute to the city’s inspiring contemporary art landscape.’

Images of Xerox Book, 1968
Gil J Wolman, 1974
Céjar, 1980
Jonathan Monk, 2003
Steven Pipin, 2004
Eric Stephany, 2012
Yann Sérandour, 2014
gerlach en koop, 2010
Nicholas Knight, 2016
Expo 2016 Brussel
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